I had ACL surgery last March. Even though the surgery went well and the graft was strong, I still struggled with my natural gait, quad muscles that were not responding, and hamstring issues. My PT from "my network" had no idea what to do next. I knew I had some things wrong, but no one seemed to know what to do.

The first visit with Nancy was fantastic. She quickly identified a few quirks in my recovery. One of the quad muscles was allowing the others to do the work, for one thing. Nancy assigned me very specific exercises that were tweaked enough to force my quad to join in the activity of strength building. It quickly responded, and the rest of my recuperation progressed rapidly.

Nancy was my best cheerleader, super excited for the changes she saw in me. Sincerely congratulated me as my work was paying off. Again, her guidance and knowledge are far superior to anyone I have seen over many months of searching for answers.

                                                                                                                                                               Angela B.    Golden, CO

                            Nancy created a regimen that allowed me to heal and build strength to improve my long-term prognosis. She was constantly reviewing the literature to determine what may be the cause of my issue and the best treatment moving forward. Evidence-based medicine is the way to go and that is how Nancy practices.                                                                           A.J.          Littleton, CO

                            What a great therapy experience! We took our 12 year old son to Dynamic Recovery Physical Therapy after my son had growth plate issues in his heel called Severs. His pain level was high and football season was starting. Other parents with kids experiencing the same pain advised that Severs has gone on for over a year with their children. After visiting Nancy at Dynamic Recovery and doing "exactly" what she advised us to do, my son was pain free within a few months. Nancy was extremely professional, very knowledgeable and communicated perfectly so a 12 year old boy could understand what he needed to do. We recently went back to Dynamic Recovery for my son's Turf Toe pain. We will continue to go back for any of our family therapy needs.                                                Tom H.          Lakewood, CO

                              Nancy is an excellent Physical Therapist. She does a very thorough evaluation. She doesn't just treat the symptoms...she takes extra time to get down to the root of the problem and treats the whole body. I am a runner and she has helped me with my calf and butt pain. I am running pain free now. I highly recommend seeing Nancy Bonifer.                                                                                                       Lisa D.          Littleton, CO

                            I highly recommend Nancy!! She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, accommodating. She easily diagnosed my shoulder problem and gave me a home exercise program that was easy to follow. Office is easily accessible (1st floor), clean, efficient, welcoming....

                                                                                                                                               Betsy H.                 Denver, CO